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donaldsneffe@BG413253920 Ja,wie beim TRX-4M. Das beste |berhaupt, so kann man nicht vergessen den Akku abzustecken und so zu ruinieren (Karo abnehmen ist ja wohl bei den meisten "richtigen" RCs notwendig). Wasser"dicht" ist nix, wasserfest, wie alle Crawler - einfach mal etwas einlesen. Und zum Lenkproblem: Steering Reverse nicht schalten, dann ist alles gut ;-)

donaldsneffe 08/11/2023
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donaldsneffe 08/05/2023
This is an awesome radio. But continue to read to know the truth. Watch my detailed video review in the video section. It can do a lot, but super time consuming and extremely complicated by combinations of buttons and signs of LEDs. The by far most complicated radio I have ever bought. With the short manual coming with the radio you are totally lost. Download the long, detailed (and hard to understand) manual from Flysky website. This radio has a super nice 4WS mode, but on CH7. So you cannot use this function, best of the radio, if you use a 4ch receiver or if you use a 2-in-1 rx/ESC unit from Flysky. It has only 1 3 position switch, channel 5. So you cannot control a winch with a 4 ch receiver. Lightcontroller of receiver is not really good. Turning lights always on, no hazard lights. No red "back" lights (low glimmer) in brake-lights. Strange blinking-light function, a second normal switch would be better. It is unbelievably complicated to program, but it works. 5 model memory works... Price is way too high, the new DumboRC is about half of the price and much easier to program and can do much more (but 4WS function), FS-G7P is not much more expensive and can do much, much more and can be programmed by display. I do not know, why Flysky released this radio and sells it for such a high price. Form is equal to small new FCX24 truck radio by FMS, but spare radio (also Flysky) for FCX24 including very good ESC costs nearly half of the price of the MG7. 4ch Flysky ANT radios also half the price... Puzzling, what Flysky wants with this radio. Super, super complicated and time consuming to program.
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