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Q: FM radio is Stereo or Mono?

demandé par lrodorigo sur 2021-02-04 09:43:47

Robert The 2 pin connector (red) is for power, in case you do not use the USB C input on the front for power. The audio output is from the 3 pin connector. The unit is also capable of true wireless stereo, i... Voir Plus

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Q: Oxygen? This is an AIR tank, not Oxygen thank!

demandé par lrodorigo sur 2019-09-06 04:47:43

xAlex Right,this is what they say "Mini Air Tank Cylinder Underwater Oxygen Tank Breathing Respirator Swimming Diving Set Equipment" - so it is an Air Tank in first place. I doubt there are people... Voir Plus

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Q: Hot ender is included, like I see on the photos?

demandé par lrodorigo sur 2020-08-15 05:34:04

Extrud yes it is all shown on the photo. but not included motor

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Q: If I have two aileron servos, can use it without Y cable?

demandé par lrodorigo sur 2018-10-09 10:32:07

bikinidan If you wish to use 2 different aileron servos without a y-cable, you can run a cable from channel 6 receiver PWM (or above) and only 1 aileron will be stabilized. Many planes will work like this.

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