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georget Here is a link to a manual that is very close to this GM328A tester... You will need to connect an external IR Infrared Receiver to the tester to receive codes. Something like this...

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Q: What's the maximum voltage for these resistors?

demandé par pendersricardo sur 2020-01-17 09:51:40

Zark 250V

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Q: do these have a hole to put a string through it?

demandé par BG143217432 sur 2020-01-22 07:04:08

pendersricardo thehole is exactly 4mm which is normally for the male 4mm plugs but you can also solder a wire in the hole to have a permanent connection, that's what I did with these Alligator Clips.

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Q: Is this item in stock shipping from China?

demandé par Julio_Sestari sur 2019-11-25 05:22:52

pendersricardo I'vegot 3 Arduino Nano's from this seller delivered very fast, within a week or two. The first I ordered last year and the last two during the pandemic and although all the problems I couldn't tell you if they were delayed or not. You can see on the product page if the product is in stock or not, they even mention when it is out of stock when they think it will be in stock again.

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Q: how many mA needs one of this neopixel?

demandé par gibrann95ml24 sur 2020-06-13 06:14:51

pendersricardo One thing is really important that Raybo already mentioned which is that for exactly 100 LED's you need 18mA just to keep the drivers working, that's when all lights are off. Then I recommend you to account for a worst case scenario which is when all lights are on so the color is white, if you want to do that continuously you'll need a power supply capable of delivering 3000mA or 3 ampere for the 100 LED's.

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pendersricardo I'veread in the manual that there's kind of a special way to talk to the microchips and you can't talk to both devices at the same time using the serial monitor. I highly recommend you to read the manual very closely.

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