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BG431216625 Like many other items, they show a low price to get your attention, but when you click on the item, it often costs much more.

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BG431216625 That m could be miles, not meters, better bring a big backhoe. But in the specs, it said, Sensitivity: US 25, 50 Cent: 220mm, which is 8.6 inches.

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Q: Can it be changed to fahrenheit?

demandé par BG431216625 sur 2023-01-04 10:47:42

The seller Yeah,I think that is OK.

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steve Ioften get something different than what they show, normally it is not as good as what I ordered, but I figure 1 day, they may send something better! Kind of like playing that arcade game where you drop the claw trying to pick up a stuffed animal, you keep trying, although you lose 9 out of 10 times!

BG129371816 24/08/2021
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BG431216625 That's common on here, I finally got tired of all the misleading prices - bad info - excessive wait times before receiving - poor quality items I received, I just quit buying.

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Q: Does this always start on high?

demandé par stevemaxwell sur 2019-08-15 05:48:02

miguelsantosdragao don't receibe yet

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Q: Can you buy extra ceramic shield and crucible?

demandé par BG431216625 sur 2022-01-31 04:40:53

The seller Please search for the product you want on the shopping side.

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steve 15/01/2022
The 2 batteries are tied together in parallel, not series, so sadly, you can not just put 2 26650 batteries in it! It even says NOT to do that in the manual. This means you also have to charge the battery in the light, as you can not take them out to put in a charger. Now for those that like to tinker, you can make a spacer, install 1 26650 first, then the spacer, and it will work, it just cuts down on the run time. You can use something like a wooden broomstick, put a screw on the top and bottom with a wire between screws. It pulls 4.5 amps on high 1.2 amps on low. A good quality 26650 is 5000 mah, so a single cell would only get about 1 hour run time on high, about 4 hours on low. I have not checked the capacity of the battery that came with it, but they are usually never what they say they are. If they truly are the 10,000 mah they say, then about 2 hours on high about 8 hours on low, however, on high, I expect the light would overheat in a short amount of time. The zoom is excellent. As far as brightness, it always starts on high, then goes to low on the second push then off. No matter where you are, off/high/low, if you hold the button for about 2 seconds, it goes to a fast strobe, the next push is off. It can stand on the tail cap, the small string on the lanyard will cause it to tilt just a little, you can remove it, or drill another hole and run the string through it so that it completely comes out the side instead of the bottom, them it will sit flat easier. The USB C port seems to work just fine for charging, using the cable that came with it, it shows charging at 1.0 amp, at that rate, around 10 hours to charge a dead battery. With the battery fully charged, on high, within 10 minutes, the 4 lights were down to 3, but it was the 1 light on the left out, not the right as would be normally.
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