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Q: could you please make these to mount vertical?!!

demandé par Neal sur 2019-07-09 07:24:49

MaJIeHbkuuMyk Думаю, что смогут!

2021-10-08 03:08:55 Utile (0)
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romko110 TheSD card must be formatted directly in Tarsier. DO NOT FORMAT on your computer!

2020-02-23 06:11:13 Utile (0)
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Q: what size capacitor would you recommend ?

demandé par Neal sur 2020-01-25 09:54:02

Yakky what kind of racing frame you used ?

2020-02-12 01:20:55 Utile (0)
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Neal heyman. would you say they're too low KV for 7 inch props, and if so, whats the ideal kv for 7 inch props? ive put them on with 35a esc, but im not blown away by extra flight time. do you have any suggestions?

myheli 19/05/2019
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