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Q: can you drive it on sand? like the beach? Thanks

demandé par BG375713561 sur 2021-04-19 12:15:56

Empz yes u can 😃

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Q: can this be used on the front?

demandé par Empz sur 2021-03-08 05:26:00

Pinfar No,the front part is 7192 part number,product id is 1190904

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Q: Hi does this fit the HS 18321?

demandé par Empz sur 2021-02-22 01:15:27

katherine Yes,this board can fit for HS 18321

2021-03-03 03:45:37 Utile (1)
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Q: Hi are bearings needed for this, or can it work as it is ?

demandé par Empz sur 2021-02-15 08:07:00

Protistology This part do not need extra bearings to work

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Empz strange that it won't turn on, could be a safety feature I guess...what motor + kv are you running? three options check your 3s is actually working, get a new ESC incase it's faulty or upgrade to and 80a ESC which I think is the best option.

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Empz Hi did it need any bearings/screws ect, and did it have instructions?

peter 10/04/2020
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Q: does it work on 4s

demandé par BG523244243 sur 2020-06-21 02:55:28

Empz Yes it can with a 3100kv motor or lower safely and 80a+ ESC✌🏽

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