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Q: it supports 2.0 ir 3.0?

demandé par BG515121611 sur 2021-10-23 06:16:54

AntonioA Si se refiere a USB 2.0 o 3.0, no entiendo la pregunta. Se trata de un cargador de corriente, no comparte datos.

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Q: can i get one sample?

demandé par amsinu sur 2021-09-28 01:07:45

AntonioA excuse me, I don't understand what you mean

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Q: does the control already come with sun shade and battery?

demandé par BG148222341 sur 2021-09-14 11:12:59

AntonioA Yes, it comes with removable sun shade and long lasting battery

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Q: is it compatible with oppo cellphone?

demandé par BG115332445 sur 2021-08-14 12:23:35

AntonioA Sí. Salvo que tu dispositivo (tanto teléfono como otros) tenga algún tipo de restricción, será compatible vía Bluetooth.

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AntonioA In my experience, after installing both antennas, it may be because it does not make good contact (installation defect) or that the antennas are not oriented correctly: the panel (5.8 GHz) must be facing the drone and the 2.4 GHz should be perpendicular (not pointed) to the drone. I hope the answer will help you.

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