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Bulltac You need to replace all your VTX pigtails with high quality ones from TBS or Immersion. A TON of output power can be lost on a crappy pigtail. My AKK VTX's are WAY clearer with TBS pigtails

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Q: Where can I get spare parts for this quad?

demandé par GrayMagellan sur 2019-09-27 04:53:11

tdivw Apparently nowhere. It's a sales feature.

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GrayMagellan Can you show us rear side of the copter? I would like to see how FPV VTX and antenna organized

Mehdi59 2018-11-24 13:20:20
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wujiahui When the product is issued, it is completely intact, and the transportation process may be damaged. For details, please consult the after-sales customer service.

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