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Q: Is it rainproof?

demandé par SnakyAce sur 2020-08-05 03:35:40

BG223833473 mines been outside for over a year with no problem, maybe I'm lucky

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Q: would this work with blitzwolf bw-is20? thank you

demandé par matokov sur 2021-04-05 02:04:54

BG223833473 sorry can't give a straight answer as I don't have a bw-is20 but it's standard 433mhz, with a code for open and close. unsure about low battery. I would imagine it does work.

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BG223833473 do you have a screenshot of the tasmota relays settings?

Richard 17/08/2020
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Q: how long does battery last?

demandé par BG533716430 sur 2021-01-04 03:19:52

BG223833473 depends on how often you open the door, I've had some last a year on a window and 3 months on front door using poundland battery mind!

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BG223833473 its not wifi or RF, the description is wrong. its a standalone device only. its nice if you want a standalone device though.

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BG223833473 I also took the chance and bought one if these, didn't mind if it was wifi or RF. its neither as far as I can tell. there's nothing in the chineese instructions got them converted. there's no SSID presented, no signal detected from my alarm or Sonoff Bridge. this is a standalone product sold incorrectly, needs to go back. shame

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