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Q: Can I use it to create a hotspot?

demandé par barbajohn sur 2021-10-01 01:47:49

Lordcat21 No,its usage is to connect a pc to a wifi unit

2021-11-20 04:20:32 Utile (0)
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Lordcat21@BG175535018 Ναι κάνει. Μην περιμένεις τίποτα τρελό!

Lordcat21 15/01/2021
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Q: Is this has built-in battery?

demandé par BG918055195aj sur 2021-09-19 01:26:46

Lordcat21 Νο, there is ac to dc adapter.

2021-09-19 03:19:57 Utile (1)
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Q: Lot of people says this product is garbage. Should i buy this?

demandé par Erdem_1221 sur 2018-11-29 04:30:12

Lordcat21 No, don't buy it.

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Q: Does it work with Alexa?

demandé par santimac sur 2018-08-08 03:21:03

Lordcat21 Please check it at sonoff s. site.

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Q: Please tell me how to setup camera frame rate, i got only 12 fps

demandé par BG535365735 sur 2021-04-13 06:03:27

Lordcat21 Ι think that you can not set it up. There is nothing about it in the camera's settings. If someone knows more, please go ahead!

2021-04-13 07:11:13 Utile (1)
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Q: Does camera supports also email notifications?

demandé par GIORGOS70 sur 2021-02-14 12:45:23

Lordcat21 No, only push and message notifications. Εντάξει; :-)

2021-02-14 02:38:47 Utile (2)
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