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Q: this is a copy, how good is the sound, material quality

demandé par BG091242435 sur 2024-02-04 08:21:33

BG103894210 The quality of the materials is surprisingly good for this price! The sound quality is average, it would be unrealistic to expect high-end quality. However, active noise reduction and transparent modes really work and not badly. And for this price, we also get an attractive and informative color touch screen, on which we can control and adjust everything. I haven't been able to test the operating time yet, but I think average use will certainly produce adequate operating time if required. I need it for use during travel for about 2 x 2 hours of use... it should last that long!

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BG103894210@mrtakyol I only tried it once, the call quality was not bad, and the speaker is surprisingly loud. It doesn't distort even when playing music at full volume

BG103894210 04/09/2023
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