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Q: Would this engine be usable on a racing airplane ?

demandé par vavamast sur 2021-08-09 04:28:58

Loxxy00073 Yes it can be used on a airplane, just confirm the prop matches the shaft diameter or the gearbox has the same shaft diameter

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Q: does it has gyro sencer

demandé par akshaykharvi25 sur 2020-06-23 05:50:49

Loxxy00073 If it is the "XF6G" the g stands for gyro and this model does have it

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Q: Does the controller also have ESP / Gyro?

demandé par Holly sur 2021-03-27 08:02:08

Loxxy00073 Yes it does, the brushed ESC and brushless ESC both have with the same gyro gain control on the controller

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