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miji2 12/05/2021
This seems to be an upgraded version of the popular nebula projector, which I also have. Exterior upgrades include USB-C connector, and Tuya wifi connectivity. In terms of effects, it works just as well as my non-wifi nebula projector but the motor for rotation is much more quiet and pleasant. The killer new feature here is wifi. Tuya on-boarding was great. Tuya plugin features are OK, but some critical features are missing, notably the ability to control the laser or rotation speed is missing in Tuya. It must be noted that this device works as EITHER wifi OR infra-red but NOT both. This is a drawback since IR remote becomes useless once you flip this device to wifi. It would be better if you could still control the device via handy remote even in wifi mode. On the other hand, the only controllable aspects of this device in Tuya Smart Scenes are ON/OFF and brightness with no ability to switch colours or change to white light. HomeAssistant picks this up as a white or RGB light which enables some basic control (ON/OFF/colour/brightness). Local Tuya integration should be able to flip between colour/white modes since "work_mode" property is exposed to it - haven't tested yet. Beyond that, not much is exposed to Tuya API, so can't gain any functionality that way. No IFTTT integration is shown in the Tuya Plugin, but it currently has Alexa and Google, along with various China-only platforms. My biggest beef with this is the packaging used for shipping. The foam box includes a hole on the top where the weakest point of the whole device is - the lens - and this is where my device got damaged and lens cracked during shipping. Notwithstanding the packaging problems this is a great value since for abut the same cost as regular nebula projector you get a Tuya controllable one.
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