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Q: Can I use with Tuya app please?

demandé par Udernik sur 2023-04-12 04:13:14

cliff Ipcam pro work well for this camera but in order to use in the tuya app you need to hook it to a tuya nvr. The tuya nvr will allow you to use the ptz through the app as well. I have tested it myself as I as well enjoy tuya products

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Q: is it POE ? which android APP is using?

demandé par active123 sur 2021-01-29 07:21:30

cliff I run it Poe with the a vision Poe splitter which does help a lot on cabling without the splitter no it's not Poe. I use IP Cam Viewer app on Android as it is compatible with any onvif camera.

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Q: Hello,does it have a defrost timer?

demandé par okokok sur 2020-12-13 11:40:45

cliff It has a delay power on incase out an outage but no defrost timer

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cliff It will go 265 and 1080 log in to setting and make sure main and sub stream quality is up

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cliff This model does not have wifi, but to reset you must login through a web browser. I have to instal an extention on chrome due to the camera using old protocal

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