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davidcherubin Arduino ide doesn't automatically have this board. You have to add it. You need to open Arduino IDE, choose File-->Preferences and then add this URL: into the section that says: Additional Boards Manager (urls), save or OK, Then you have to go to Tools--> Boards Manager and add 8266 to the list of boards. If you are not sure, try this step by step tutorial at

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espaun Es una cámara Webcam genérica.. Con circuito cerrado de video... Podes enxufarselo dementras veas como traducir el av... Y un auxiliar de audio el otro de alimentacion

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Attila Now I got the goods where another driver needs to be installed. CH340 does not work. You need to install a second driver there. CP210x_Windovs_drivers.

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Q: What is the USB input so I can play music or video

demandé par Attila sur 2020-08-29 02:54:41

Marcelkell Std usb socket x 2 wired into the back. You will have 2 pig tails hanging from the back of the unit.

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Attila 2020-08-14 04:33:08
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