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Q: can it cut leather if it can up to what thickness

demandé par Jani sur 2021-08-25 12:50:50

Gimpydow89 The thickest can cut 8mm leather, but you need to pay attention to the irritating smoke.

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Q: Can this headlamp go under the see? While fishing for example.

demandé par BG183943515 sur 2021-06-10 06:58:54

Jani The product is water proof should you walk in the rain or during fishing. It is however not an item that can be used under water for diving, spear fishing or free diving as the water pressure will let water through to the batteries. It is recommended that the product is used on land or on a fishing boat.

2021-06-12 11:54:00 Utile (1)
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