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Q: What is the wavelength of the light coming from the LED's?

demandé par razzleb sur 2020-05-26 01:17:54

Zahid The product spec claims a 270 - 395 nm range. The actual effective germicidal range required is 200 - 285 nm. So it seems this product produces part of the required germicide irradiation frequencies. The question remains, does the unit provide adequate UV irradiation to be truly considered as a disinfection tool? Only time and testing will tell if the stated frequency band is produced at adequate strength to be fit for purpose!

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Q: it can be use wireless charging

demandé par Taranjeetsingh sur 2020-04-10 06:57:47

Zahid What version of Android does it use?

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Zahid 29/03/2020
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