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FrankDrone74 aggiorno il post dei motori, alla fine era esc 4in1 della Mamba che non andava acquistato di recente sempre qui da poco. Speriamo in un rimborso o sostituzione. Vi terrò aggiornati.

FrankDrone74 23/03/2022
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Enchantedwas AirUnit: 44×37.8×14.4mm Camera: 20.7×19×19mm Coaxial Cable:100mm

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Q: It's really in stock?

demandé par FrankDrone74 sur 2019-12-25 11:42:32

jozer ordered in June 2020, after 10 days it should have appeared in stock, but the date of appearance in stock is always postponed in advance. I waited 2 months, still not available. I do not recommend contacting.

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Q: its good for frame long range iflight DC 7??? Thanks

demandé par FrankDrone74 sur 2020-05-02 08:24:53

Whinyard You can check the frame mounting size. This mount mounting size is 25x36.36mm.

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MLFR You can run it from 2-6S. I am running the Tramp on my 6S setup with no issues

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