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Q: What is the smallest size of wire it can strip?

demandé par Adam.Avacado sur 2019-10-11 11:23:47

GannonDavid Specifications for the cable size are : maximum = AWG 10 = Area 5.26 mm2 = Diameter 2.59 mm minimum = AWG 24 = Area 0.2 mm2 = Diameter 0.51mm This is the size of the metal part of the cable. As the insulated part of the cables have different sizes, there is no specification for that. You need to try by yourself. Experience shows that it often works on bigger or smaller cables. But it also sometimes fail on cables of correct size. If fact, it often marks or hurts the plastic of the insulation of the cable, witch makes this tool not usable for professional electricians, but fine for home and hobby...

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Q: Do you have a female/socket version of this?

demandé par paypal-ulf sur 2018-08-02 11:10:05

GannonDavid This product is same as the original I've been using 25 years back. We never needed female plugs as the males can connect to each other through the hole you see on the pictures. Not perfect if you consider security, but so much practical that theses secured male & female banana plugs that don't even last long.

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