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casom na próxima vez que fizer um comentário com fotos, por favor adicione fotos de qualidade para que possamos ver em perfeitas condições

BG243740374 07/01/2022
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Q: Why it is discharging from allone?

demandé par strutori sur 2019-05-25 12:39:58

casom You must be a know-it-all, knowing doesn't take up any space, they asked a simple question and you were the one who made a fool of yourself.

2022-01-14 06:50:29 Utile (0)
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casom good: the ones I bought doesn't support the english version, but if I paid for some black ones it came with the english version. The application is in Chinese all the content of the APP nothing is in English

casom 28/09/2021
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