borsve well its a shirtshow and I had no experrience with crossfire at ALL so bare with mw if I write something stupid :) Reserched the net a d found out agent M is in and agent X is out...but since you gor to this step you got that sorted👍if i had to guess, I had the same problem , same thing happened to me with betaflight 8n any case...1. forget about the betaflight bind rx thing, 2z take your radio, I suposse you found yhe ecternal module bind thing, when the l8ght is green, press bind two more seconds and itll start blinking...then select the model go to accessories, tools, tbs w8zzard lite, run the lua script, the radio will ask shoupd I update nano rx, say yes and youre good :) bare in mind that if it doesnt work for 5 times itll work on the 6th :) check if your sd card 9s in the radio

borsve 23/06/2022
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