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  • 08/10/2017

    My results: I use my own lumen testing gear that has been calibrated and is continually updated and re-calibrated as needed. It is +/- 5% accuracy on the last 10 lights tested. Using 4 30q cells matched as close as I could for resistance and all were purchased in the last two months. Moonlight .17 lumen Low 232 lumen Mid1 619 lumen Mid2 1354 lumen High 2300 lumen Turbo 4515 lumen That turbo output is correct for the NW version of this light. I am actually kind of shocked as well as pleased. This is the first light in a long time that hit the numbers that close to what is claimed. I checked all levels twice and all are correct according to my equipment. My lumen tube has been calibrated using more known light sources now than I even keep up with so it is usually dead on and will tell on any company adding lumen. You can find my full review here

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  • 29/12/2017

    great product can be used with 4 18650 laptop batteries only issue is the packaging doesn’t protect the glass from breaking in transit my glass lens was smashed only found out this week when my daughter delivered it to me in Perth she said was broken when received in Hong Kong my daughter said the Hong Kong delivery men throw parcels around and don’t take any care when they sort out their runs at depot points around the city I have attached pictures of the packaging which is not Banggood’s fault it is poor packaging by the manufacturer Banggood never offer or do extra packaging only put original item as received into a flimsy post pack. you would think for an expensive quality item the manufacturer would pack the item better to protect the glass when I am in HK next I will take a video of the delivery men throwing the packages around sometimes throw them 5 to 8 metres !!!!

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  • 07/10/2017

    Though I was very skeptical of Haike being able to successfully use the new XHP70.2 and a smooth reflector and make anything meaningful I am happy to say I was dead wrong and I am really glad I bought this light, now. I did have a fairly good idea what reflector they would use most likely and that would be similar to the old MT07's OP reflector, long and deep. So I took a chance and I am glad I did. I have 4 other big name companies lights that tried to use this LED with a smooth reflector and all they succeeded in doing is creating a lot of spill. This light does what it is supposed to, it put that nicely focused light down range and gives you just enough spill to see where your going. Just one awesome light and I am happy to say that HaikeLite did one awesome job on this light, it is perfect in every way I know of and I still have their first MT07 from their disastrous BLF GB back late last year so I know the difference. You have come a long way HaikeLite and the big boys better watch out, I believe you are now a big time player in the light game, you've done a lot in one year. I would not hesitate to suggest this light to anyone, it is just perfect.

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  • 11/11/2017

    This light is really bright. Manage to output around 4500lumens. It is real and not fake spec. Size a bit bigger for good thermal sink during turbo mode. Throw very far but i didn't measure the candela number. Parasitic drain is below 338uA. Light weigh 729g with batteries. NW is very much comfortable than CW tint.

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  • 15/03/2019

    bardzo mocna latarka, bardzo fajna opcja moonlight, wyłączania zabezpieczenia termicznego. gwint 1/4 pozwala na założenie latarki na statyw, można też zamontować kółko do noszenia latarki na smyczy. brakuje mi oznaczeń jak umieszczać ogniwa w latarce, nie każdy domyśli się jak to zrobić poprawnie (minus do sprężyny). opcja blokady latarki jest bardzo przydatna przy takiej dużej mocy.

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  • 29/11/2017

    Runs very well, bright, lots of modes, and nice sun white tint(not that cheap blueish light).

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  • 22/11/2017

    Looks good and work fine, it is as it says supper bright. Just one thing it is a little heavy. A bargain for the price.

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  • 12/11/2017

    Super światło przyjemna barwa dużo trybów. Trybem turbo można wypalać dziury w ścianie. Minusy: - paprochy pod szkiełkiem (zdjęcie) - brudne szkiełko od środka (zdjęcie) - paruje szkiełko od środka na dworze

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  • THE C.

    Please see my full video review here: Thanks for watching, Take care!

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  • 03/09/2019

    good quality and very powerful

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