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vkatsoulis 17/05/2021
The washing machine has Just arrived I'm Very happy 😊 But.......when I opened it I saw a few water inside the washing machine a part of the plastic base inside the washing machine on the right side (the wheel) was broken I suppose that there is a warranty for this part of the base
Commentaires (6)
  • BG239154404 hi,pleasecontact customer service ,we will send you a replace part free

    Répondre 18/05/2021
  • BG413217152 yousaw water you said.... This means only one thing, it was used before. It's strange though it wasn't dry all these days till it come to you....

    Répondre 25/08/2021
  • jvp4ant Aderfe..eksodo nerou exei apla ena solina kai mporeis na to valeis sto neroxiti?

    Répondre 02/02/2022
  • BG739178471 @BG413217152 Themachine will be tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the product can be used, and the damage of accessories may be caused by collision during transportation

    Répondre 08/02/2022
  • vkatsoulis @jvp4ant και στον νεροχύτη αλλά και στην αποχέτευση.
    Είναι οκ

    Répondre 08/02/2022
  • originalR21 για το απορρυπαντικό έχει ειδική υποδοχή ή απλά το πετάς μέσα ?

    Répondre 09/09/2023
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