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Q: What's the difference between mopping cloth and wet 'n dry cloth?

demandé par christoforas sur 2021-08-07 12:28:40

BG112039984 Wecan use the back of the two-piece cloth to wipe the floor dry after wet cleaning or we can use a one-piece cloth where the floor stays moist and dries itself over time (which also does not take more than a few minutes).

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christoforas 11/05/2021
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christoforas Hi mate. I use "KY FPV" app. I had the same issue. I figured out that I have to disable data on the phone. Try it

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christoforas It does fit micro usb head. I have bought 4 heads (2 type C and 2 micro usb) and 2 cables. I use them approximately 1 year without any problem.

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