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Hook 2020-02-18 15:16:22
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Hook Finally... someone else that helps with clear and helpful reviews.. thanks

sivas 2019-11-20 02:24:50
I ordered the solar charge controller together with the Solar panel: "60W DC 12V 60W Solar Panel 5V Dual USB Ports Battery Charger Aluminum Plate Solar Powered Panel" Tested in the setup as can be seen below and the solar charge controller which was easy to setup seems to have done a good job. When there was enough sun the solar panel gave over 21 V (measured unloaded) and the controller, as per settings, started loading the car batteryas lod as it reached cca 14V. When the battery was near being fully charged, the controller would go into short impusle charging mode. When the battery was getting discharged below preset level, the controller would correctly cut off power to the output device. Neverheless, the panel did not give so much power as declared. See below: Testing setup and conditions: - Sunny day. - Time of testing around 12:00 CET. - FV panel installed outside direcly to the Sun in perpendicular orientation. - The solar panel is connected to - Solar charge controller which is connected to - Lead car battery 12V, 44Ah and to - Car lamp 12V, 8W. - The car battery is continuously being discharged by a directly connected DC motor 12V, 20W. ========== Maximum continuous Solar panel output current measured 1,76A. Which is still realtively good result, but not what has been declared, since 60W at 12V should theoretically give 5A.
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Q: what is the rated speed of the Generator?

demandé par castelinoroystan sur 2019-08-21 05:24:46

Hook it'srated RPM is 11.5 meters per second - around 25 mph or 40 km/h. ( It should be spinning at around 2700 rpm and be making 800 watts )

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