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Q: which transmitter should I use?

demandé par BG223217442 sur 2020-05-19 07:27:46

Billkater Depends on what receiver you use. The receiver and transmitter protocol has to match.

2021-06-03 01:42:08 Utile (0)
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Billkater Any servi with. 1.0mm jst connector

2021-06-03 01:40:38 Utile (0)
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Billkater usually that is true. More option on the higher numbers. Larger. Cost more.

2021-06-03 01:39:38 Utile (1)
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Q: Do you have just the propellers?

demandé par Billkater sur 2021-05-07 08:11:27

Gypsywas no

2021-06-03 03:52:14 Utile (0)
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Q: what esc amp. is compatible? thanks.

demandé par Ruel Tolosa sur 2021-05-01 09:02:46

Billkater Effective Current : 2A to 6A, >70% Working Current : 7.5A So, depending on what prop you use. I would guess a 10-15amp esc.

2021-05-04 09:48:47 Utile (0)
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Q: what type of connector does this board take??

demandé par rgembry sur 2021-05-04 06:12:09

Billkater Servos are JST 1.0mm. Battery is JST 1.25mm. This information is in the discription.

2021-05-04 09:46:40 Utile (1)
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Q: how i can connect this to the tail rotor ?

demandé par BG164316166 sur 2021-04-03 10:07:52

Billkater solder the wires together. lightly sand them first to get the coating off

2021-04-20 01:22:59 Utile (0)
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Q: can it carry an all in one fpv camera ?

demandé par BG234816141 sur 2021-04-20 12:10:12

Billkater not likely. it is pretty small.

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Q: This is listed as PNP. What reciever does it have?

demandé par Billkater sur 2021-03-31 07:20:40

James Eagleson Not PNP as far as I know. Must be glued together with CA glue. You will need a receiver that matches your transmitter. Check out the minimum rc website for details ans revpmmendations.

2021-03-31 08:11:39 Utile (1)
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Billkater Haveyou found a replacement for the TY V2? email me

Jason 01/03/2021
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