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Q: Is it compatible with Frsky XM (Plus), not XM only, But XM ?

demandé par Patricio sur 2021-09-21 08:56:12

BG510255544 Hi, being a 4in1 model certainly supports the protocol, it may require an update to the internal module ...

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Q: what max power output from Tx?

demandé par lavith sur 2021-08-13 08:33:05

BG510255544 Hi, the maximum power is 1000mw, at least on 868mhz where I use it ...

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Q: es compatible con la jumper t lite?

demandé par BG235571834 sur 2021-08-31 03:34:54

BG510255544 It definitely works!

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Q: is it rechargeable or I should plug it in electricity?

demandé par Amro0o0o0 sur 2021-03-15 03:40:52

BG510255544 It does not contain any backup battery, the power is taken ... the camera becomes inactive ...

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Q: can I plug it with power bank?

demandé par Amro0o0o0 sur 2021-03-15 03:42:58

BG510255544 Why not? If the power supply outputs at least 5v and 1A will work ... now it depends on how long the capacity of the battery that powers it.

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