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hitchawk1 Yes, it should, as I am currently using it to power a Pinecil which is an open source clone of the Ts100 and uses the same tips and power supply.

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Q: Are these the best bass for under $50?

demandé par DagDerniT sur 2020-07-06 08:35:15

Crazymike0484 I'mwaiting for the package to be delivered. Soon i've it on my hands, i will tell you. But, according the video reviews i've seen on youtube, i think yes they are. The brand Blitzwolf makes products with excellent quality with low prices.

2020-07-12 11:57:34 Utile (0)
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Q: Hi! It's Co coated, or Co alloy?

demandé par huziga sur 2019-10-20 06:41:32

DagDerniT it is just coated.... I would pass on these and get a TEMO M35 COBALT SPIRAL. It is THE BEST! Google it...

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DagDerniT how did you solder the rings. i am making one but cannot find a video on how to do it so it looks perfect... thank you for your advice.

jerome 24/02/2018
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Q: Eachine EV100 compatible??? Gracias Amigos!

demandé par DagDerniT sur 2019-12-01 11:36:46

Jarrod22 yes,it is compatible

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DagDerniT How did you get the LED pins so neat? Mine look awful compared to yours :(

Javier Rios 03/12/2019
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