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Q: Is the SST40DD version a De Domed Led ?

demandé par BG103716401 sur 2020-03-01 05:25:56

d_t_a ordered and received SST40DD variant, it is just regular domed SST40, not dedomed.

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d_t_a LS-1: original version, 180mAh battery, single measurement function LS-1S: slightly upgraded version, 220mAh battery, allows single & continuous measurement function LS-P: 'multi-functional' version, 200mAh battery, additional side button with even more functions (in addition to LS-1S): such as area, volume, angle measurements

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Q: Is the Nichia 219 the 80+CRI or the 90+ CRI version?

demandé par d_t_a sur 2017-11-18 12:20:10

Flash The nichia 219c is 90CRI version.

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d_t_a This may sound silly, but it happened to me. The plastic cap of the USB soldering iron -- did you turn the cap counterclockwise to remove the cap? If so, part of the soldering iron may have been left in the cap -- this causes the soldering iron to not heat up. In this case, turn the plastic cap into the USB soldering iron again. This time, just pull out the cap without turning it. The part that got unscrewed previously should now be connected. Plugging to USB port should now work.

chiribe 17/08/2017
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