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Q: can this whoop fly with jumper t lite,also what is flytime...??

demandé par BG214081844 sur 2021-02-16 04:39:48

BG521214391 all depends what kind of receiver does the jumper t lite is compatible with Frsky or flysky or any other. I do recommend Frsky since most radios are compatibles with it. order US65 Pro with Frsky you won't regret it. fly time with one battery is about two minutes and 30 sec. if you are a beginner you want to fly with one battery so that you have more control over the whoop.

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Q: Can i bind to my RadioMaster TX12?

demandé par MEXAHIK sur 2021-02-09 03:30:18

BG521214391 Pleaseread my review of this drone, Do NOt Buy

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