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Q: would fit on taranis x-lite? or why only for jumper?

demandé par Aless Diaz Lopez sur 2021-05-11 04:25:22

Ossy3rd it has only the T-Lite Pin Headers. for Others Radio, you need to make the connector by yourself or solder direct to the Mainboard.

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Q: Hi,which receivers are compatible with this module?

demandé par Stathis sur 2021-06-24 12:00:29

Ossy3rd only ExpressLRS receivers. EP1, EP2 and PP are available.

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Q: Which receivers can be used with this transmitter?

demandé par BG105248421 sur 2021-06-25 02:36:27

Ossy3rd es werden ExpressLRS Empfänger benötigt (nur ExpressLRS funktioniert). you can only use ExpressLRS receiver with this Module. its an stand alone System.

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Q: What is the used protocol : ACCST or ACCESS ?

demandé par bailbye sur 2021-06-12 03:36:33

Ossy3rd ACCST und ACCESS sind FrSky Protokolle. Dieses System benutzt eigene Protokolle, kein FrSky Protokoll.

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Q: will this product work on transmitter fs-i6s ?

demandé par BG231165790 sur 2021-06-13 03:17:28

Ossy3rd FlySky FS-i6S hat keinen Modul Schacht. es benötigt einen Modul Schacht zum Arbeiten.

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Q: hello. works with Pioneer VSX-324?

demandé par Ossy3rd sur 2021-04-17 01:38:17

Podocarp If your original remote control looks like this, you can control

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