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jms319 Anupdate after more than 4 years... More than 4 years ago, I bought this Stirling Engine (I submitted the above review with the yellow mug) and it still works great. Almost every day in the past years, I started up the engine, running on the hot water that was used for boiling potatos, vegetables, etc. Only I replaced the yellow coffee mug with a Double-Wall Insulated transparant Glass which keeps the heat of the water much longer hot than the yellow cup. You also can see what the motor is running on. The diameter of the top of that glass is 9 centimeters. The stirling motor runs normally for about two hours now, very fast in the beginning and while the water gets colder, slower and slower, until the motor finally stops. Even after four years, it's still a great gadget. Thanks again, Banggood for this very nice and well built Stirling Engine!

jms319 08/12/2016
Well, this is one of my standard mugs that I normally use for coffee. But now, when the coffee is ready, I prefer to wait a bit until it gets less hot and to see this nice Stirling engine turn for about a quarter of an hour. When you put the engine on the mug, you need to wait about half a minute and then you have to turn the wheel by hand a bit to start the engine. From then on, it'll work on it's own until the heat from the mug has lowered too much to make the engine turn the wheel. I had this interesting engine for some time on my wishlist but I waited until the price dropped just below the amount that the customs in The Netherlands could decide to make me pay VAT. When the engine made it into the Flash Deals at Banggood, that time had come and I immediately bought it. And I'm not disappointed at all. The Stirling Engine works great for this price. It's a nice item to see the basics of a small engine working on nothing more than a (relatively) small difference in heat. I couldn't make it start turning on my hand but it works great on a mug of coffee, the or the lid of your cooking pan. The item made of metal and glass and is manufactured very well and I'm sure it'll last a long time. You need to assemble the wheel and body of the engine when you unpack the item but that's very easy and will take about a minute and then the fun begins... Don't worry about the packaging since Banggood packed the item very well and it arrived without any damage. Thanks Banggood for another great item!
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jms319 Maxsize should be up to 2 TB for SDXC (see www(dot)sdcard(dot)org(slash)developers(slash)overview(slash)capacity(slash)index.html but it depends of course on the capacity of the SD card you are using. Don't worry since BG doesn't sell micro SD cards up to 2 TB yet ;-). The read and write speed depends on the SD card you are using (Speed class, like class 4, 6, 10, U1, U3, etc.) and whether you use this reader in a USB 1.0, 2.0 or USB 3.0 or 3.1 or newer USB port. The port limits the speed of a card reader as does the type of SD or micro TF card you are using. The slowest link in the chain limits the read and write speeds! I bought several Mixza cards 32 GB, (speed class 10 or U1) from Banggood (Year of the Dog version) and with this reader, the write speed was about 18 MB per second and the read spead up to 89 MB per second on an USB 3.0 port. I use this card reader quite often and am still very pleased with it. Since I am not allowed to submit a website link, replace the words between () with their apropriate character ;).

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jms319 This set of rubber blades lasted only less than one year. I had to replace them already on 2020/01/18 for a new set because the rubber was broken. My previous set of blades came also from Banggood and lasted about two years (replaced the original Seat set on 2017/03/17). So, I reordered that set of blades which you find on again instead of this set. That set is a little bit more expensive, but much easier to slide in/out of the frame because the rubber is thinner and my previous set lasted also longer than this set of blades.

jms319 13/01/2019
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