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Q: when wil this be back in stock ?

demandé par BG401117171 sur 2022-02-26 01:15:52

mithoss Unknownyet.

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Q: does this contain the screws for blade grip

demandé par BG401117171 sur 2022-01-25 04:45:05

HilaryHuangyunyi yes

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Q: does this comes with the screws ? or where can we find the screws for it ?

demandé par BG401117171 sur 2022-01-25 04:42:02

BG383425351 No, it doesn't come with screws, bearings, or grips. As a matter of fact, it doesn't come at all. I placed my order back in early November and never received it. Customer service gave me false information on shipment. They took my money, but no product. Avoid Banggood and just place an order with or another rc store.

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Q: is compatible for v977?

demandé par federico1993 sur 2018-02-27 09:14:21

BG401117171 V977 is a replica of Xk 110 with a new rebrading under xk k, so you can by this servo

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Q: where is remote control and what is not included in this kit

demandé par Zaildar NP sur 2019-07-12 08:13:00

BG401117171 thisis a kit version just the shell and metal parts and gears, electronics have to be bought separately. if you want with remote for c34 rtr version

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Q: are the gears/differentials metal ?

demandé par BG401117171 sur 2021-07-13 03:21:52

TMCCRC I don't think they are on this model, but they are available. 👍

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