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Q: new driver sir or same driver like the old one

demandé par zamzammohd sur 2020-11-20 04:45:43

aggalitsas What driver? If you mean battery, you can fit a Li-Ion 26650, 21700 or 18650.

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Q: Does it include battery?

demandé par dwarak sur 2019-08-10 04:42:12

zamzammohd no...if want to buy..i recomment Samsung 30T for max output

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Q: which one is better to buy...sst40 or xhp50.2

demandé par zamzam sur 2020-11-01 05:25:44

Arnold sst40 will mote throw, xhp50 will more floody. I have xhp 50 version and for me that is more floody. I need more thrower , so I dedomed xho 50, much better. So buy sst40 it will cool pocket flashlight

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