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Q: can be together woth soundbar with optical line?

demandé par klaz70 sur 2022-09-07 05:18:41

Paul you can use the optical input of the woofer together with a soundbar in any of these cases: 1. if the soundbar has a separate optical output. Only in this case, you can control the woofer volume from the soundbar. 2. if the source has at least two separate optical outputs 3 with an optical splitter. like the "FSU Optical Fiber Audio Switcher". OR forget your soundbar and buy another one with a subwoofer included ;).

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sleeper9 The Air fryer and your phone should connect to the same Wifi AP (e.g. if you use a repeater, then both most be on the same) at least for the initial pairing. Then you should just try to pair until they find each other. I was also struggling a bit before I could make it work. Just keep trying.

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klaz70 μπορω να το συνδεσω σε παλιο ενισχυτη(με το τροπο?) και παραλληλα να στελνω με bluetooth απο το κινητο ηχο για να παιξει??

kathgreg 12/05/2022
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