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BG154863903 22/01/2022
WOW! Awesome, awesome Machine. Just opening the box, Wow. I tested on the side of my house on mode one. Very powerful and kind of scary at first to see how much power it has. Just unbelievable. I fully charged it and took it out for an off road run in the desert where I live with full body gear. Very powerful scooter. I first road on mode one. Then flip it on mode 2. That is so much power, its insane even on off road. It can literally run from under you. So much torque. It's pretty much like a standing dirt bike. Really impress with the speed, performance, power and durability of this machine. Very well built, good quality. I rode about 23 Miles in two days. Did 9.2 miles in about an hour my first day with just a quarter of the battery mainly in mode 2. Second day, fully charged, did about 14 Miles in close to 2 hours on Mode 2 using half the battery. This is also a good workout on the off road. It's an adrenalin rush and a lot of fun to ride. Mode 3 is way powerful. So I just ride on mode 2 for now. I watched the performance and reviews of many other brands. It also came down to price and what they all had to offer in specs. Saw some of the video reviews for the Laotie Ti30 Landbreaker on the Banggood site and Youtube and made my purchase based mainly off the Banggood customer video reviews. It was very helpful and informative. This is one of the best discounted prices for your money and what you are getting. Like the remote where you can literally lock it so no one can start it from the power button on the scooter along with the alarm. Well thought out scooter. Very impressive. You won't be disappointed if you get one of these. Very happy for making this purchase. Thanks Banggood.
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