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Q: can doogee s88 pro using earphone wireless?

demandé par BG444434321 sur 2020-11-16 08:09:43

siulunglee what kind of wireless? bluetooth? of course. I connected to 3 pairs of it, and one beat solo, and 2 different kind of bluetooth speakers. NFC speaker, should works but never tried.

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siulunglee I am in GTA, already use it for almost a year with virgin canada myself. Yeah . Great phone. you will gain 4G if virgin has it for your area, otherwise 3G.

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Q: Is this cell phone compatible with Canada and USA cell phone providers?

demandé par BG141237133 sur 2021-01-05 01:13:23

siulunglee Yeah, it works. I use it almost like a year before you ask this question. I am in Toronto and using virgin mobile, or you can say Bell network. I believe rogers should works. You will gain 4G if there is 4G available in your area, otherwise 3G then. But better check rogers's frequency will match the frequency of Rogers before you buy it.

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Q: a máquina é bivolt?

demandé par Douglas Mendes sur 2019-11-23 04:43:34

siulunglee it is 110v right, can I use it in North America? like Canada?

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