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mariosx90 Hi... Why do you you say that about petrol exhaust gasses?.? I want to buy this for carbon monoxide leak in cooling system on cars...???

Black_Dog 2020-12-11 15:46:57
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mariosx90 I don't think that you will have any problems, as it just uses the main velcro strap to connect the two bags.. The only problem is that the velcro strap didn't reach each other as i have a ETV1000 Caponord which has dual exhausts as i also have pannier racks, which makes the bike fat at the rear... The only thing I would suggest, is splitting the main velcro strap so you can easily put it under your rear seat...

mariosx90 2020-10-17 07:06:13
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Q: its one or two bags?

demandé par andremace17 sur 2020-04-22 06:43:49

mariosx90 Hi...2xbags...

2020-10-29 10:00:58 Utile (0)
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