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Q: the big thread is clockwise or anticlockwise.?

demandé par Søren sur 2021-05-30 09:09:13

alexecheverria It looks like one is and the other contrary.

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alexecheverria Sorry to read that. I got one to Mexico and I love it. Hope you can buy one too.

2021-07-29 09:54:41 Utile (0)
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Q: does it has spare parts?

demandé par spynexes sur 2021-06-09 02:49:41

alexecheverria It only comes with a screwdriver and a key to tighten and adjusting. You can buy spare belt searching for it in Banggood.

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Q: Can i buy an extra chain ?

demandé par penny sur 2021-05-31 01:52:00

alexecheverria Oui. Tu peux la chercher en placant ce numerau dans le chercheur de Bannggood: 1779826

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