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Q: Dove posso acquistare un motore? su Banggood non l'ho trovato.

demandé par BillyU sur 2022-01-16 11:16:12

BG101054812 you can find it in emax website, only shippent fee bit expencive.

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Q: Can it be regulated to 5V ?

demandé par BG413220544 sur 2020-08-19 06:07:33

BG101054812 when you add to cart select if 12 vdc or 5 vdc, it can be ajusted slightly, however, not from 12v to 5vdc

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Q: can I pair it with E6 transmitter?

demandé par BG524322424 sur 2021-12-23 06:33:43

BG101054812 it can be paired direct with frysky only, with others you need to add receiver that can pair with your transmitter ( by soldering to -, +5v, R1) do some set up in betaflight. in my case I have added flysky receiver and now controlling it with flysky transmitter.

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BG101054812 it should work, be sure that you are using data cable. go to device manager while connected and see if there is a com port that need update, if so, just click update and follow steps

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Q: Can I control this Gimbal using Pixhawk autopilot??

demandé par ashutosh sur 2018-12-21 02:08:53

BG101054812 yes sure, do first set up then jump into mission planner to continue your setup. you can connect as ppm, GND and 5dcv from aux1.

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