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Q: what is in the box? I surprise for the price

demandé par BG213617433 sur 2022-05-13 06:41:38

hawkt45 You must select the options available, before you do the purchase. You can select what you want to receive with the item.

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Q: Can this holder fit into a 250-000 tool holder? Thanks.

demandé par BG056375241 sur 2021-08-27 05:20:07

hawkt45 No,you must machine some material off the section, which slides into the tool holder and is secured by means of 3 grub screws.

2022-05-14 02:43:30 Utile (0)
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Q: I never received that item, can at least get my money back?

demandé par m_ivanova13 sur 2019-08-11 03:59:27

hawkt45 Yes,arrange that with Customer Service.

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Q: will it cut lite-ply and balsa wood?

demandé par Chris Channon sur 2022-04-28 03:30:12

hawkt45 Hello Chris Yes, this laser will easily cut balsa wood and plywood. I would suggest that you purchase an air assist nozzle, for the laser head. This can be 3D printed on any 3D printer and you will have to use an air supply of 35 Ltrs per min. Go online and you`ll see what i am refering to? I build RC planes, so this laser is perfect for wing ribs etc. You won`t be sorry, if you buy it.

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Q: what is laser output wattage & laser capacity?

demandé par BG214223509 sur 2022-03-30 01:10:36

hawkt45 Read the information on the listing. Its all there for you to read.

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