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Q: Hello, would like to buy 200 pcs of these. How to contact seller?

demandé par Andrew sur 2020-12-21 06:15:34

The seller Maybe you could use "Contact Us" to ask Banggood customer service team for help?

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Q: which one is the best, the 6500k or 5000k ?

demandé par BG252818323 sur 2020-11-03 08:06:55

Andrew 5000k would be more pleasant for eyes, it be more as day light.

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Q: Maximum pressure? Over pressure protection?

demandé par spareking77 sur 2020-10-16 05:04:14

Andrew 6 bars, overpressure protection with brass valve on right side.

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Q: can I transfer image on pc?

demandé par Cosma sur 2020-01-02 01:53:31

Andrew No, you can't.

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Q: do you sell the paperless tablet with Australian power connections

demandé par beerstubby sur 2017-11-24 05:33:36

Andrew You can use any USB adapter for this.

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Q: How can I transver the drawing made to my computer?

demandé par Stoyan Julev sur 2019-08-16 08:32:30

Andrew Is is light panel for hand copying, there is no possibility to transfer drawings to PC. Usb is used for powering lights in this device.

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Andrew You can use any USB charger to power this device

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Q: как можно получить

demandé par BG154865527 sur 2020-05-25 10:32:46

Andrew Нужно разместить заказ и оплатить его.

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Andrew Works perfect indoors and no problem with daylight.

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