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luckygaz 2019-03-13 17:52:05
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Q: Will this work with an OmnibusF4 and betaflight?

demandé par molokaiboy sur 2019-01-18 04:26:03

luckygaz it does work very well, you have to set baud at 9600 in betaflight. others will not work even its configured with ublox. load default config in ublox and setup your satellite preferences. cold start aprox 1.5min, warm start 10-15seconds. will order a second one. (hobbywing xrotor G1 / Omnibusf4)

2019-01-28 12:41:57 Utile (4)
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luckygaz do you use any video filter on camera supply and fpv tx supply? i should know if there ar serious problems on the osd before i'm going to buy one. most esc do a distortion on cam or video tx supply and can be filtered by lc-low pass filters

Gvidas 2018-12-11 05:37:43
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