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Q: Do these ship to Canada?

demandé par Phossil sur 2018-04-02 11:20:49

Ar3sTW Peut-être en commandant via le dépôt de la Chine,ben général, depuis le dépôt chinois ils livrent partout mais c'est long, il faut être patient.

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Ar3sTW From my side I ordered 2 additional packs and this charger GOLISI i4 LCD Screen Display Intelligent USB Charging 2A Fast Battery Charger, in the meantime, the batteries i received are working fine and longer than the 2.5ah and 3ah i use for my electronic cigarette and with 12pcs and a 4x charger i will be able to do a clean cycle of charge discharge with my doorbell, camera, intercom and never run out of battery.

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Q: I don't know how long (mm) battery 18650 I need. Please link to it.

demandé par lacento sur 2021-01-11 02:13:08

Ar3sTW In your place, I will order this in 3 copies, this will allow you to make good rotations, recharge and use at the same time and never run out of battery. I will add another last name for a charger for 4 batteries at the same time which I strongly advise you to buy. You should know that the doorbell only uses 3 batteries, that's why I advised you above to take 3 packs of 4 batteries. Seeking 4PCS MECO 3.7v 4000mAh Protégé Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion Batteries

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Q: Support Microsoft word app?

demandé par fizul1 sur 2021-01-02 03:12:42

Ar3sTW All devices with Android are capable of running MS Office programs, although I have a clear preference for similar free applications provided by Google.

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Q: Caro, a minha tela quebrou. Você tem tela ?

demandé par BG181043804 sur 2020-08-29 08:30:52

Ar3sTW If you want my opinion, make a support with photos and ask that your product be replaced, mine fell and doesn't even have a single scratch.

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Q: its his compatible with the alldocube iPlay 20 PRO?

demandé par Hugo sur 2020-09-08 04:15:01

Ar3sTW The quality of this product compared to its price is really very good, I only found two faults, the least annoying (provided I bought the compatible protective cover available on banggood), I had it installed this product on my tablet by a professional (Smartdoctor Belgium) and the outline does not stick over the entire surface. The second defect and not the least, are the squares visible on this protection and this over the entire surface. This product being used by my grandfather it is not a problem, but for someone with good eyesight it can be annoying. The only solution I have found is to not take a hard look at it and not pay attention to it.

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Q: Will this fit the iplay Pro 10?

demandé par Andrew sur 2020-12-02 10:49:31

Ar3sTW The quality of this cover is impeccable, the only small defect is that it folds up on the edges of the screen, which is sometimes annoying to bring down the notification panel. For the rest it's just perfect.

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Q: What is the input latency?

demandé par iverskf sur 2020-05-08 07:02:20

Ar3sTW Too bad the latency is 4 milliseconds, it is good for all games except FPS of the CSGO genre or Valorant, the type of games that require the fastest possible response time. I bought a 27 "240hz 0.5ms curved screen and that's a killer.

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Q: Is the display 1080p?

demandé par zupinnn sur 2020-11-23 04:24:20

Ar3sTW Il lit et peut afficher les vidéos en 1080p sans soucis. Je l'ai achetée pour mon parrain et si j'en avais les moyens j'en achèterais une seconde pour moi.

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Q: When will this table in stock from cz warehouse?

demandé par Rich1224 sur 2020-10-29 11:30:05

Ar3sTW The one I ordered came from CN.

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