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BG121039825 I use kroon Oil acid free White vaseline Grease it Works very good on the Car but the Lucas Grease slows it down a Little but it you just want good lubrication just use the kroon Oil One but it you want very Long lastig Grease but a but less peformace use the Lucas One or you could use Both of them just mix a bit together and you got Long lastig and no Power loss

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Q: what is the battery size?

demandé par BG812201853 sur 2020-11-28 12:57:41

jfftdrl The size is 7.4V 2600 mah.

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Q: does this car come with a battery?

demandé par Logans_RCAdventures sur 2021-11-11 07:06:47

jfftdrl Yes it comes with a 7.4V 400mAh lipo battery.

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jfftdrl HelloI like to ask if you had any cogging with this brushless ESC and motor combination. If there isn't any I would be interested in ordering it for my 144001. Thanks

BG917442215 22/04/2021
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Q: does this fit sg 1603?

demandé par BG954428241 sur 2021-10-17 02:54:44

jfftdrl Yes it should fit in there.

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jfftdrl It has a combined esc and receiver. You need to upgrade it to separate brushless esc and receiver to use a brushless motor with the K989.

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Q: does this car come with a winch?

demandé par BG181055153 sur 2021-01-20 04:48:30

jfftdrl No it doesn't you need to order one.

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Q: Can I get a datasheet with a charging curve of this battery?

demandé par FabioManz sur 2021-10-13 12:07:44

jfftdrl I think you can if you check the ZOP Power website if there is one or search online forums.

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Q: is this can shoot

demandé par Ferdinand sur 2020-04-27 01:12:48

jfftdrl Yes it can shoot plastic BB's.

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Q: does it come with a separate receiver?

demandé par oacilamaf sur 2021-09-25 08:23:17

jfftdrl No the receiver is built into the car's circuit board along with the proportional throttle and steering control.

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Q: does it come with drift tires? (hard plastic tire)

demandé par BG132414323 sur 2021-10-04 07:28:38

jfftdrl Yes it comes with drift tires mounted on wheels.

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