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patrstg 24/02/2022
The BX-20 is a unique portable piano with some weaknesses. It could have been outstanding with better touch calibration. The good: - Folding, very portable (4kg against min ~15kg for fully-weighted keys pianos) - 88 full-size keys - Semi-weighted keys, with good feeling - USB powered, with lithium battery - Can be used as a MIDI instrument - Good set of functions - Comes with a standard sustain pedal, a sheet holder and a bag The not so good: - The main piano sound is monophonic and dull. Speakers are small like expected for USB powered ones, but the sound is also dull when using headphones. - Keys are touch sensitive but the dynamic range is very limited. 3 or 4 levels can be reached. - Settings are not kept when turning off the piano. It's a burden if you don't like the default volume, or, for the BX-20, the LED under the notes. - The on/off button and the encoder button are not protected (not recessed) when the piano is folded and transported in the bag. A demo song can start when the bag touches your leg, a furniture or ... a bus bench. But it can sound quite good for some classical music when replacing the original piano sound with external samples (a "Soundfont" in a SF2 file). 3-4 levels are better that none at all. This is why I use it only in MIDI mode, with an Android app like Fluidsynth or Soundfont-MidiPlayer plus a good free piano Soundfont. The piano is plugged in the smartphone with an OTG USB cable. Headphones are wired, to avoid Bluetooth latency. To sum it up: 1-What it can be good for - Beginning to learn piano, thanks to its full-sized keyboard of 88 full-sized and semi-weighted keys. - Playing music not requiring high dynamics (ex. accompanying a pop song). - For intermediate players, practicing aspects of music like score reading, fingering, tempo, etc., other than dynamics fine tuning, when a more adequate fully-weighted instrument is not available. 2-What it may not be good for - Practicing or performing music requiring high dynamics.
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patrstg If the music is transmitted from a recent Samsung phone or tablet with Bluetooth, it may be too loud even at the minimum levels on the source and the amplifier. Try to activate the developer mode and disable the "absolute volume" option for Bluetooth. Search the web to activate the developer mode for your specific device.

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Q: does this digital piano have weighted keys?

demandé par BG191691451 sur 2021-12-28 03:53:22

patrstg Keys are semi-weighted, rather light. The feeling is excellent, but the dynamic range (velocity range - expressiveness capability) is limited. It may be a concern for classical music, with more than 2-3 years of training. In my opinion the dynamic range compares more or less to a basic upright piano.

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patrstg 16/01/2021
I bought this piano as a portable practice instrument when I don't have access to my main piano. I like - Portable, light - USB-powered - Keys are touch sensitive, volume is higher when they are hit stronger. - Keys shows some resistance, the feeling is good. - Provides the 128 standard MIDI instruments (0, 1: grand piano, 6: hapsichord, 24, 25, 26: guitars, 123: bird tweet...). Quality is basic but OK. - Sound is decent, given the 2W speakers. I don't like - Keys are shorter than standard piano keys (12cm vs 15cm), although the width is the same. This can be a problem for playing some chords with large hands, for those who swap with a standard keyboard. - Settings are not kept when the piano is OFF, and it is automatically turned off after a delay even when it is plugged in a charging USB port. - The control panel is labeled in Chinese only. - It is a burden to use as a MIDI controller. In my case I wanted better grand piano sound samples. There is no note coming from the piano on the USB line except after a "GM-RESET" control code is sent. Not all MIDI app provides this feature. - Touch sensitivity ("velocity" in MIDI) is badly calibrated. It is difficult to play without clipping some notes at the highest volume. This is not a huge concern with the 2W speakers provided, which have a low dynamic, but it is with headphones or amplified external speakers. This is even worse when the piano is used as a MIDI controller. It is decent after a tedious velocity map remapping, on the MIDI sequencer. - Using the left half-keyboard stand alone looks like a good idea, but it is hardly usable to play scores. It has only 44 notes, for 3 complete octaves. For instance to play baroque keyboard music you need 4 octaves. The bottom line: this is a portable keyboard, fun to play, but it misses a few things which can make it great. A learning tool? Probably. A practice tool? To some extent, if you can cope with the limitations. Quite good given the price, 3.5 stars.
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Q: Can it be connected to a Amplifier?

demandé par BG574985723 sur 2021-02-17 12:48:31

patrstg You have to use the piano headphones jack as output. Begin with a low volume on the piano side.

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Q: Does this come with the Case Shown?

demandé par BG502561574 sur 2020-10-01 09:37:44

patrstg Mine came with the bag shown. It is made with sturdy nylon or similar material. It has a padded separator in the middle for the 2 parts of the keyboard, so that the keys (top of the keyboard) of the 2 parts are face to face, while the bottom of the keyboard, less fragile, is turned outside.

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Q: Does this product have a plug in power adaptor?

demandé par BG084817168 sur 2020-09-20 10:22:51

patrstg The power adapter is a USB charger. I ordered from Canada and I got a US plug,

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