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kpr Yes. After while the temperature in tent is stabilized and higher. Sometimes I open part of doors to ventilate air out, to keep air temperature 40-45°C. Because you heating not only printer and printed stuff, but also every electronics of 3D printer. Especially Chinese AC-DC power supplies wont like work in hot air ... it can lead to failure. Most benefit for printing is that you reduce humidity, you have stable temperature inside, you have no wind flow and significantly reduce "everywhere existing" dust.

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kpr Fajnrecenze. %koda,e to m tak mlo dalch recenz. D se njakm zpsobem mni odepnout od st, je li zjitn petok ? (nap. zapnal bych to pes proudov rel). Jinak k Va poznmce, kvalita a istota sinu se m drahmi analyzry. Vtinou tam vznikne njak deforman innk. To tvrd s to njak poere, u vs v loklnch rozvodech se to projev asi vtm ruenm kHz po kabelech. To vtina dobe navren elektroniky dneska zvldne.

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chadcoldfusion no it will not work as an SDR Radio. It only sweeps the spectrum and shows frequency peaks. I like TinySA much better and a HackRF

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