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Q: is it all or nothing steer?

demandé par doggo sur 2021-05-17 01:36:57

Ian1031 it is fully proportional steering and throttle

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Q: Is it waterproof can it go on water or no

demandé par BG513708453 sur 2021-01-12 01:08:31

Ian1031 it can go into water just don't go any deeper then the bottom of the doors

2022-02-21 07:38:50 Utile (0)
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Ian1031 it's kind of a medium walking pace speed definitely will want more batteries if planning 3 hrs hikes each battery will give you about 30 to 40 min play time

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Q: Is this genuine WPL??

demandé par Alasdair66 sur 2021-02-03 11:19:06

Ian1031 yes

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Ian1031 I have had mine up to the doors and have had no problem make sure u put grease in the gears

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Q: what does wpl mean

demandé par BG131322224 sur 2021-01-16 02:59:00

Ian1031 it is the name of the company that makes them

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Q: How fast is it

demandé par BG168348411 sur 2020-10-20 06:58:00

Ian1031 not super fast it is a trail truck crawler does great on the trail

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Q: can I put any sort of weight in the back and if so how much.

demandé par BG220469502 sur 2021-01-11 10:51:39

BG521175594 I have put some small rocks in the bed and connected a trailer with some weight and had no issue

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