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newsystemplz you should be able to. There's springs on both end which allows for tolerance.

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Q: Does it fit the Convoy M21A?

demandé par BG573751513 sur 2020-10-25 06:26:15

newsystemplz doubt it will fit the M21a since that uses a larger battery thus would use a larger tube or handle. this is for an 18650 body.

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newsystemplz The positive end may need to be raised to make a connection if it'sa flat top. You can use a certain magnet or something to help with that. This is something to consider.

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Q: Will this work on a sofirn c8a? Thanks.

demandé par newsystemplz sur 2019-08-09 12:41:22

chris642 no it will not. the sofirn has a smaller button.

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