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Silvia 03/06/2023
The first trip with the bike was good, the bike is sturdy and comfortable. But I will need to get used to the bike. Mainly because I need to unlearn a specific bad habit: not changing gears. I only started cycling when I moved to the Netherlands, and since aside from bridges everything is flat, it has been easy for me to set the gears to the highest setting and leave them there. I can't do that with this bike, since the motor doesn't assist unless I pedal fast enough. Breaking the bad habit will be better for the bike, so this is a positive thing. Another thing that I need to get used to is the little push that the motor gives when you start the bike after pedaling a few times. The first time was awkward because I was used to my previous bike that is assisting constantly as long as you pedal. So I got on the new bike, pedaled a couple of times, noticed that the motor didn't start, decided to get off the bike to check if I missed something, which was when the motor gave that push with great comedic timing. Less funny was when I was rolling to a stop before an intersection, the momentum carried me to 1m before the stop sign, so I pushed the pedals a couple of times to get me there, which is when the motor gave a push. But the breaks are excellent, so I didn't roll into traffic. Unboxing: The tires weren't full when it arrived, which was disappointing because the bike is gorgeous and I wanted to use it immediately. Unfortunately I asked the bike to be delivered at my work and my pump was at home so I needed to wait a day. The installation isn't complicated but it is better to watch a video than to read the manual. This is because you don't get much out of photos of black fenders with black screws on a black frame. And the key needs to be in the battery when you use the bike. The display and motor don't turn on otherwise. Only bad points: nowhere to put a back light or a bike chain. But I will check with a shop to see if there is a solution.
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